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Richard Hirsch

Integrative Kinesiology

Utilizing the best of eastern and western holistic science and practice to find and address the causes of your ailments, whether they be physical, physiological, emotional, or environmental, and addressing them for your best recovery.

The mind plays tricks, the brain doesn't.

Migraines, dizziness, post-concussion syndrome, brain fog, vertigo, anxiety/depression, chronic daily headaches, ADHD and so many other conditions are neurological problems... but can you see any of them on an MRI? Can they be diagnosed with a blood test? The answer is no. Although these problems are altering the nervous system, they are not diseases. It is dysfunction and lack of proper communication between the brain and the nervous system, organs and muscles, etc. that is causing your symptoms. I restore the communication, and give the brain back the ability to monitor your body and then address what ails you. 

Richard Hirsch has studied around the world and has helped people for over 35 years. Learn how your body really works on a neurological and cellular level and how it heals. Our brain's most important function is 24/7 monitoring of every function in our bodies and then directing responses where and when they are needed. When the monitoring system fails, we lose the ability to respond to what ails us (symptoms).

When we restore your brains ability to monitor and react to physiological stressors causing your condition, then your brain is able to once again direct your body's response (recovery). 

In addition, Richard practices Wudang Chi and many other energetic techniques from around the world.

Ask about treatment for Long-Covid!


Interested in more? Call or text Richard at 941-993-6215

Don't just take my word for it. 
Read what my clients have experienced:

"Life changing is a complete understatement but begins to describe sessions. Taking your conscious mind out of the equation so the body can work is the best way to expedite the healing process. I know I wouldn't be this far into my journey without him. Especially when dealing with buried memories from chronic abuse I can't access. 
I have never enjoyed life so much!!!"

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