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Jan Hein


I have been working with Celestial Energy my entire life, and didn't even know it! Does that sound familiar? If so, let's discover more about Who you are, Why you are here, and What's Next.

I love to share my stories and I am delighted to hear yours. Deeper Awareness and Understanding is a huge part of my practice. I have been having intense training since 1996, and the initiations, activations, and certifications are only a small part of my story - there is so much more!

If you resonate with this message, I would be honored to have you join me in our ever evolving journey. 

Oracle Card Readings

You choose between several decks of Oracle Cards: Angel Cards, Starseed Cards, Lightworker Cards, Mastery Cards, Divine Circus Cards, and Illumination DNA Cards. 

$1.00 / min, up to 60 min. 

Book Sales & Signing

'Energy In Motion Expanding with DNA Releasing'

This book is about how my Journey led me to the discovery of my Passion and how I need to continue to ask 'What's Next'!


Integrating Your Galactic Oneness

A transformative meditation with your Divine Connection. You are offered a healing and a reading while you are introduced to your Unique Cosmic Energy. You will visit visionary temple of the Purple Violet Flame of Freedom, and the temple of Transformation and Releasing. You will also visit the temple of the Galactic Representatives, inviting your Galactic Quantum-Trinity of Energy into your Sacred Heart. At the visionary temples you will release what is not your Soul's Desire as it becomes your Inner Wisdom, your Story, your Truth. You will be encouraged to allow a moment of rest, peace, and tranquility. You can ask and receive guidance from Galactic Representatives on any questions you may wish to present. The experience is unique to you and according to your own inner wisdom. 

This session is also a prerequisite for Self Mastery with DNA Activation (for more information, see section below).

$90 / 150 min

Self Mastery with DNA Activation

Prerequisite: 'Integrating Your Galactic Oneness'

During the 3 three-hour Mastery Sessions, you are assisted with receiving DNA Activations resulting in Self-Discovery. Each session builds upon the last. My book 'Energy in Motion Expanding with DNA Releasing' is included with the cost of the class. This class totals nine hours, offered in three hour sessions, scheduled according to your Inner Wisdom. You will be guided through three stages of Intensive Releasing and Inegrating as you Discover Self Mastery. 

Step 1. DNA Releasing to Self-Healing: Learning to use your gifts for self-healing and transformation.

Step 2. DNA Releasing for Self-Transformation: Activating and Integrating your Human and Master Self.

Step 3. DNA Releasing to Soul Integration: Allowing your Trans-Sensory Soul to integrate with your Sacred Heart, with enhanced embodied sensitivity. All that you release becomes your Inner Wisdom through Transmutation; you have experienced Self-Mastery. 

$444* in full, or $148* / session.

*Three free follow-up sessions included. 

New Consciousness Ascension

You are invited to ask yourself if this information resonates with your Soul, Higher Self, and Inner Wisdom. You will know that it is in Divine Order. I am so honored to be with you on this Journey of Self-Discovery. 

Step 1: Review of what you have already accepted as yours and how you continue to evolve through the steps of integrating more and more light in order to reach Embodied Ascension. Through visual art and appropriate handouts, you will be able to focus on 'Where you Are' in order to realize 'Your Destiny'.

Step 2: You will receive greater clarity regarding what you are leaving behind Energetically and Consciously and What is Next for you. Your Deeper Understanding will be enhanced with Visual Art and beautiful Oracle Card readings, all which will bring in more light.

Step 3: You will be bringing in your Cosmic Alignment with ALL that you are and ALL that IS. Everything you have dreamed of and some dreams that you thought were impossible become possible. You become the Creator Source. It feels like All The Stars are Aligned with You and there's no going back to what was. You step onto your Newly Created Planet Earth of many names!

$444* in full, or $148* / session. 

*Three free follow-up sessions are included. 

Jan Hein

Jan Hein



All my sessions are conducted while streaming the Highest of Infinite Love-Light Consciousness. You will receive a reading for self healing at each session. Each session's meditation is intuitively specific to your request. 


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